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Callas and pink fern leave

For a short time the winter kept us still. Nature offers many motifs, the effect of which depends on the time of the day.

Disturbing scene of ice formations (skull) © Julian Köpke
Arbre japonais © Julian Köpke

Shortly after, the snow has said goodbye to us. Still very, very cold cloudless nights, more and more often glorious sunny days let you catch your breath.

Quarry at Schauenburg ruin Dossenheim © Julian Köpke
Early spring sun throws light on pampas grass © Julian Köpke

Yesterday I came across Calla lilies and rosé-fixed fern at the florists’s. „Expensive“, she told me. But I was already determined wether the many possibilities I had in mind.

Through a chemical process, the fern has received a fixation and new color. That would make it durable for many compositions ….

Pink fern leave © Julian Köpke
Red callas in a white vase © Julian Köpke

The next day, I combined the callas and the fern to a single composition. With a background the image looks soft and dreamy. This texture puts a kind of patina over the image.

Red callas and rosé fixed fern © Julian Köpke
Red callas and rosé fixed fern II © Julian Köpke

I like to make things visible the naked eye isn't able to see. That's part of my profession as a radiologist, too.

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