About me

Julian Köpke

What am I doing ?

Sometimes I answer: I’m making every day black and white images to earn my life. I’m a radiologist by profession, a physicist and physician by graduation. 

Beside scientific research I always felt attracted by music, literature, painting and art.

After times of painting in watercolor, oil and sketching I restarted photography in 2005  with my first digital SLR, a Canon 350D. After a couple of years of poking around in the dark I discovered astrophotography in 2010.

Physical properties of lenses, telescopes and of sensors had to be understood. I became familiar with technical details of image acquisition and editing under a cosmos of conditions.

And I found a way back to the light at daytime. Only recent with a friend we combined digital images of photo sensors and x-ray sensors to get beautiful results.

The sky is the limit.


Julian Köpke


You learn the benefit of a lighthouse easily on a sailing boat.  


There are different approaches to photograph flowers.

World at night

Colors and moods are vivid after sunset. Digital sensors catch it, when our eyes see only grey.

What's important to me

Ever since I undertook any image related efforts: there’s always something to show, the naked eye wouldn’t see without.

It’s just normal in my profession as a radiologist.

It’s likewise in astronomy.

And in good photographs, too.