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X-ray photos of grapes and sunflowers

Grapes as an object of X-raying have been inspiring me for a long time. Their structure remind the doctor of the azini of a gland or lung. The phycisist likes very much the partial and complete overlays alternating with free positions. As an artist I get an unbelievable freedom of image design.

My first X-ray imaging attempts with grapes were carried aout in October 2017. I’d forgotten !

Can something succesful be repeated ? Can it be deepened ? What is the power of the composition ?

Grapes picture in Hologic calendar September 2019 © Julian Köpke
Grapes - creative representation of an X-ray with Lab color © Julian Köpke
Grape X-ray photo © Julian Köpke

Two days ago I tried toput my creativity into the composition. Two pictures were taken from grapes which differ only slightly. Their X-ray view on our monitor had a clearly different effect.

Grapes X-ray photo X-ray mammography photo © Julian Köpke
Grapes composition II X-ray mammography photo © Julian Köpke

My colleague by chance showed up with a bouquet of small sunflowers with long stalks. Amazing opportunity !

I dedicate this X-ray of a bouquet of sunflowers to my colleague Dr. Arendt. © Julian Köpke
Bouquet of Sunflowers X-ray photo © Julian Köpke

I like to make things visible the naked eye isn't able to see. That's part of my profession as a radiologist, too.

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