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Zen gardens

A narrow shipping street leads to Ginkaku-ji Zen temple garden. Many dealers offer all kinds of souvenirs. A merchant allowed me to take a picture of her folding fans.

Sensu Kyoto (folding fan) © Julian Köpke

The wild sea is a difficult subject of painting. So is it for a Zen garden, too. In the garden of the Ginkaku-ji in Kyoto temple I liked very much the intensity of changing aspects of a sand composition representing the wild sea.

Ginkaku-ji temple "The wild sea" © Julian Köpke
Ginkaku-ji temple "The wild sea" © Julian Köpke

It’s impossible to show the variety of aspects of this garden: one has to experience it. The rapidly changing variation of experiences in a confined space is a design feature of this garden.

The Moon at Ginkaku-ji temple garden © Julian Köpke

Before leaving you look back on the beginning of the tour with these nice reflections on a slow moving water.

Sone bridge at Kyoto Ginkaku-ji Zen garden © Julian Köpke

I like to make things visible the naked eye isn't able to see. That's part of my profession as a radiologist, too.

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