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Yosemite Valley

We are one day earlier in Yosemite Valley, meaning two days extra in this beautiful spot. Yesterday has already been a gorgeous afternoon. Lower Yosemite Fall had been our first walking destination.

Lower Yoemite Fall © Julian Köpke

This morning we made a short tour to Valley View, Tunnel View and Bridal veil fall. 

Valley View Yosemite Valley © Julian Köpke
Tunnel view at Yosemite Valley © Julian Köpke

After recovering from carrying around lots of gear I expected the Moonrise to be at 4 o’clock. Just a 2 minutes walk down to the banks of Merced river were good to reach a wonderful spot.

Moonrise in Yosemite Valley © Julian Köpke

At the end of the day there is usually a total break down of any WiFi connectivity here in Yosemite Valley. Like this evening.

I like to make things visible the naked eye isn't able to see. That's part of my profession as a radiologist, too.

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