• Astrophotography

    With this site I want to introduce my own astrophotography images. I practice this hobby since early 2010.

    Astrophotography makes things visible that could not be seen with the naked eye. You can do astrophotography by day and by night. And: twilight. Twilight is a huge area in itself, with moon or crescents, planets, Milky Way, landscapes, and much more. With the help of mechanical and optical instruments as well as sensors and computers, attractive, colorful images of our universe can be made. The beauty of these images, the technical appeal and challenges of electronic postprocessing are inseparable in this hobby.

    I have many interests in astrophotography:

    Startrails, atmospheric images, sun, moon and planets, interstellar fogs, etc …. More topics related to this hobby are image processing, literature and history.

    A quote from Schiller’s „Wallenstein“ brings the excitement of astronomy to the point:

    Thoughts may easily coexist, however, material things collide hard in space

    (Leicht beieinander wohnen die Gedanken, doch hart im Raume stoßen die Sachen)

    Source: Friedrich Schiller, Wallenstein’s Death II

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