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Island in the sun

Always changing weather conditions is normal on Sylt, the northern most island of Germany. Heat, winds and rain alternate continuously. Just arrived I had to go straight to the beach, where clouds and sun welcomed me at the same time.

On the beach of Westerland © Julian Köpke

The on average better weather awaits one in the north, the so-called elbow, a peninsula near List. A lot of unused beach chairs with low numbers are standing there.

Beach at so-called ellbow near List, Sylt © Julian Köpke

Some 40 km south one finds the south tip of Sylt with its characteristic lighthouse. Many lighthouses can be found on this island, which is surrounded by sandbanks and often changing flow conditions of the water at low or high tide.

Lighthouse at south end of Sylt (Hörnum) © Julian Köpke

A beach walk is accompanied by many birds, seagulls mostly, but also cormorants or sandpipers. Sometimes you flush them out unvoluntarily and they fly wildly confused.

Seagulls at Hörnum (Sylt) © Julian Köpke

Cyclists become tiny like ants against the seemingly overpowering clouds. Without mountains one loses any scale.

Clouds hanging over the dike at Rantum polder © Julian Köpke

Experimenting with longtime exposure my first results of waves at the beaches are not yet convincing. Three seconds turn out to be a vivid interval of the time fusion on my sensor.

Time fusion waves Dikjen Deel (3s), Sylt © Julian Köpke

I like to make things visible the naked eye isn't able to see. That's part of my profession as a radiologist, too.

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