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Getting into Death Valley

We had a whole day available to drive from Mojave to Furnace Creek. The morning began hazily and with scattered dust devils. At the Pinnacles we go a real sandstorm.

The long straight streets with poles often make me dream of an infinite world.

Poles © Julian Köpke

 A sandstorm lets you stop all thoughts about infinity. Suddenly the safety of the equipment becomes much more important.

Sandstorm near Pinnacles © Julian Köpke

This train is on a siding for decades. The diffusion effect of the sandstorm showed the abandonment nicely.

Train on a siding © Julian Köpke
Sandstorm at pinnacles © Julian Köpke
Pinnacles © Julian Köpke

After check-in in our incredibly expensive, but the only hotel in the area we immediately headed for Zabriskie Point. These structures show no scale at all and allow the imagination to run wild.

Zabriskie Point at sunset © Julian Köpke
Zabriskies Point at sunset © Julian Köpke

Personally I liked most a wild boar at the south end.

Sleeping wild boar at Zabriskie Point © Julian Köpke

I like to make things visible the naked eye isn't able to see. That's part of my profession as a radiologist, too.

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