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Calm before the storm ending

The first time in Japan is an overwhelming experience for me. Difficult to find words. We don’t really get to know Japanese. They are always very friendly and have a pronounced sin for beauty. There are also people here  who live in homemade shelters on the street or rummage through waste bins.

Our primary touristic foci are the weather and the food. The weather starts with a capriole of a special kind. 3 days before a typhoon is supposed to hit the islands it gets sunny contrary to the announcements of all weather apps.

Sunrise in Tokyo © Julian Köpke
Sunrise in Ikebukuro, Tokyo © Julian Köpke

An earthquake is destroying our plans to observe volcanic activity in the mountains. Higher and higher waves force us to leave the coastal road to take our bus to Hakone. Traffic jam for the first time during our stay in Japan. The Pacific Ocean starts to show its aggressive moves.

Great wave off Kanagawa © Julian Köpke

The threatening disaster with the approach to the mountains and the first massive impressions of Mount Fuji are forgotten. I’m a little frightened by the force of the mountain as if a curtain were drawn up.

Approaching Mount Fuji © Julian Köpke
Mount Fuji seen from the bus © Julian Köpke

Just arrived at the hotel we do not check-in, but quickly push around the shores of Lake Ashi to admire the mountain during sunset. The summit weather changes every minute.

Fuji seen from Lake Ashi © Julian Köpke
Sunset at Mt. Fuji above Lake Ashi © Julian Köpke

At such a sunset no one thinks of the threatening typhoon.

Sunset at Mt. Fuji in Hakone at Lake Ashi © Julian Köpke

I like to make things visible the naked eye isn't able to see. That's part of my profession as a radiologist, too.

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