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Anchor at Camaret-sur-Mer

Camaret-sur-Mer is a place with a long history, which tells the former economic and military importance. Cabaret has been also the most important lobster port in France. The place is located on a peninsula of strategic importance for the security of Brest. The peninsula was therefore coveted by Great Britain and Spain in their fight against France.

The Vauban tower bears witness to France’s fight against the conquerors. I took the following image with my tripod in front an old warehouse of the former shipyard.

La tour Vauban Camaret-sur-Mer © Julian Köpke

The civil shipwrecks show the decline of fishing in the region. You can’t find warships here.

Shipwrecks in Camaret-sur-Mer © Julian Köpke
Èpaves à la port de Camaret-sur-Mer © Julian Köpke
Épaves à Camaret-sur-Mer © Julian Köpke

All ships are damaged, by time, by economic ruin. This is where they found their last port.

Épaves à Camaret-sur-Mer © Julian Köpke

Where is our final anchor point ? Will it be interesting to look at us ?

Anchor and Moon à Camaret-sur-Mer © Julian Köpke

See also my album „Camaret-sur-Mer„.

I like to make things visible the naked eye isn't able to see. That's part of my profession as a radiologist, too.

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